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How to display your shoes for sale?

Shoe Display Stand for Sale

How to display your shoes for sale?

Everyone who works in the retail should understand the importance of displaying merchandise so that it draws the most attention and therefore helps to increase sales.
Proper and eye-catching displays are particularly important when it comes to shoes, which are indisputably one of the top-selling items in the world; in fact, certain studies that American consumers spend over twenty billion of dollars every year on footwear!
But a key part of convincing someone to buy something involves capturing their attention first, and that is dependent upon utilizing an effective display for the shoes that you are selling.
That being said, there are many options when it comes to shoe displays and shoe display stands. In this article, we will go over two of the main types of shoe displays and their potential benefits in order to better help you understand which option might be the best choice for your own shoe display.

1. Shoe Shelves. One of the most common displays, this option involves strategically placing shoes along shelves (which are usually made out of wood, metal, plastic, or glass depending upon your individual preference).

There are also different varieties of shelves for you to choose from. You can select something with multiple connected shelves (something with this sort of design most often resembles a bookcase in many ways) or opt instead to utilize single shelves strategically placed around your store.

Additionally, you can also choose to utilize shoe risers (which lift your display shoes up at an angle that often helps to attract the attention of potential customers) in combination with your shelves or simply allow your shoes to sit flat on the shelves.

There are also shoe risers that feature multiple tiers; these can be used on shelves as well and are an excellent way of making the most of the space you have (since a tiered riser will allow you to display more shoes than if you were to simply use that shelf space or table space without a riser).

2. Shoe Display Stand. These stands are also a very popular choice when it comes to attracting attention to your shoes and increasing your odds of selling them.

These stands are designed to hold up a single shoe for display, lifting it into the air to allow the customer to get a better look at it. These shoe display stands can be used singly to display one shoe at a time or used in pairs to display both paired shoes at once.

There are many great ways to utilize shoe stands; you can place them on shelves that are tall enough or on display tables around your store. You can even place them on counter-tops or at the checkout stand. If you have shelves in your storefront windows, you can even place shoe display stands there to attract the attention of people passing by.

Some stores also use shoe display stands as a way of comparing different styles or brands of shoes (by lining up a row of shoe display stands, each one with a different type of shoe on it).
Ultimately, how you choose to utilize your shoe displays is up to you, but there’s no denying the importance of properly displaying your merchandise.