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The skill for acrylic Gluing

Acrylic board bonding is mainly affected by two aspects: the applicability of the adhesive itself and bonding skills.

1. Butt the two pieces of butt-jointed acrylic plate horizontally on the operating platform to close together and stick a tape on the bottom, leaving a gap of not more than 0.3mm for preparing the adhesive. Then use a syringe from the side of the adhesive evenly and slowly injected into the gap until all filled, to be completely cured after the tape can be removed.

2. Facade bonding Facade bonding is the most widely used adhesive technology. First, the surface to be bonded wipe clean. It is best to use the mold to achieve bonding, so that the adhesive does not shake, which helps to improve the quality of bonding. Thickness of 3mm acrylic plate bonding, can be padded into thin metal wire, the use of capillary action to complete the bonding, the adhesive before curing wire pulled out. Or can be used to stick to the site will not be affixed to the tape protection, leaving the adhesive coated adhesive coated site, and then oblique into the acrylic plate extrusion bubble can be.

3. Bevel adhesive bonding bevel must use 90 degree angle by the mold, in order to prevent the sticky surface displacement. Paint the adhesive should be uniform and slow. To be completely cured before removing the mold.

4. Plane bonding Plane bonding is a special type of bonding method. First, the surface will be wiped clean and placed horizontally, the surface of the injection of the right amount of adhesive. Place the other side of the acrylic plate diagonally in contact with the adhesive-coated acrylic plate, and then lower it evenly and slowly to remove the bubbles from the side to complete the bonding.

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